Dena Gould, A Spiritual Impetus and Intuitive Healer

I don't receive all of these great testimonials because I'm super human and know all the answers. I receive them because I AM HUMAN!  I understand what it is like to be imperfect. I have had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and horrible migraines! I yell at my children when I get too frustrated with them. I stuff my face with sugar when I feel empty. I have been wounded and broken; all of us have. However, I also practice what I preach. I release the unnecessary crap, I am positive and loving. I think people understand this when they meet me. My sessions are successful because I do my best to not be attached to YOUR outcome. I get my ego out of the way and allow you to experience each session in a safe and compassionate place - with butt kickings inserted as needed. Sessions are successful because you allow them to be!   


"Where to even begin with how Dena has blessed my life!!! And how much I encourage you to see her as soon as possible to make your life one you absolutely love! Instantly upon meeting Dena, I felt comforted, respected, inspired, and at peace as I truly felt my angels led me to her! That first session had me hooked as she helped me process energy that had been stored in my body for way too long. She was so compassionate, caring and in touch with Universal love and energy. Dena’s gentle guidance and care during her sessions are exactly what you need. Her inspiration to look deep within yourself, honestly call out your needs, and seek understanding to begin healing or make a change has helped me and many of my friends tackle what is haunting us and move beyond. Give yourself the gift of unlocking your greatest potential and a life you love - your angels are urging you to go see Dena!!"

~Katie J., Denver CO

"When I came to Ms. Dena, I was at a point in my life where I knew it was time to deal with the past hurt and pain that I had been carrying around for many years. When I decided to look into counseling, I knew I didn't just want to sit on somebody's couch. I wanted holistic counseling. I wanted to go to someone who would focus on my entire being - my mind, body, soul and spirit. That is exactly what Ms. Dena did. Before I started going to see Ms. Dena I was looking to other people to love me and make me happy. She has helped me to realize that I am enough. I am more than enough. The things that I was holding onto did not define me any longer. She helped me to take my power back and I now feel more in control of my life. If I had to use one word to describe Ms. Dena and the work she does, it would be LOVE...Thank you so much Ms. Dena for all that you do!!!!"


"Dena is a master at helping her clients to release old stories. Every session taps away another layer of everything that is no longer serving me, and opens me up to new insights about myself. I appreciate the caring and non-judgmental way in which Dena relates with me in the midst of some very raw and deep emotions. I feel safe, honored, and met every time I experience Dena's work. And I appreciate her calling me on it when I respond from my head and not my body. She is intuitive, confident, competent, and a pleasure to be around!"

~CMJ, Denver CO

"I made an appointment with Dena because she had wonderful reviews on Yelp. I was not disappointed. She is truly a gifted healer and helped me unblock emotional baggage which even helped me with my asthma. I didn't realize it until after the appointment that my asthma developed after the murder of a loved one, and in one session I felt so much better and free. God truly works through her. Thank you, Dena! You are an incredible light!"


"Working with Dena was absolutely life-changing. She has such a vibrant, bright spirit, and is so genuine in her desire to help heal and free you from what is tethering you down. Her highly intuitive understanding of what needs work, as well as her gentle guidance through the clearing and connecting process made me feel safe, comfortable, and ready to work through and heal the tough stuff. Through Dena I met one of my spirit guides, and felt a deep connection to the entire Universe- both of which I continue to feel and connect to on a regular basis. Dena is very talented, and an incredibly gifted healer-- after just one session I felt lighter and more free than I had in years. I highly recommend working with her-- she is a treasure and a joy and everyone can benefit from being in her presence!"

~Kate M., The Play Coach

"Dena, I wanted to share with you and say thank you. Shortly after meeting with you and learning the power of "tapping" releasing negative energy. My life soon began to change. As I learned during my session, that I was consumed with so much anxiety about obtaining employment. I had become overwhelmed with worry about focusing on one particular employer. You helped teach me the power of releasing all that negative energy and learning not to put all my eggs in one basket. About a week or so later I no longer felt stressed. Last week I received 3 phones call from employers, one even hired me on the spot. I have obtained a wonderful position and I know that I will be happy once again. So again thank you so much for all you do!!!"

~Lisa, Aurora CO

"My father passed away when I was 13 years old. I had never tried to contact him until I met Dena. She told me that my father was very connected to my youngest son of 2 1/2 years. I asked her how I would know that my father was around, and she said for me to look for random pennies. One day, I was feeling very frustrated and depressed. As I was working on the computer, my son comes to me and says, 'Mommy where's my coin?' Not knowing what he was asking, he then repeated his question. I then told him that I did not know, and at that moment, he puts his little hand in his pocket and goes, 'Oh here it is, Mommy. Here’s my coin' and hands me a penny. At that moment, I knew that dad was around me, comforting me, sending my son to let me know he was there. And thanks to Dena, I now know he is here, before, it could have been just a random coin with no meaning behind it. I truly believe in Dena's gift. She brought my dad back to me and for that I am forever grateful and blessed."


"Dena is truly amazing! My daughter was having anxiety issues at school and we had been seeing a therapist and after talking to Dena about it, she said let’s try a tapping (EFT) session. We did ONE; yes ONE session and my daughter started showing improvement. The technique that Dena showed my daughter was easy for her to learn and apply. At her next therapist appointment, the therapist asked my daughter, “how was your week?” My daughter replied, 'great cause I tap it out now.' Words couldn’t even explain the joy (and relief) I felt when those words came out of her mouth! Dena, we love you and thank you for all you do for us!"


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"I went to Dena's "Connecting to your Spirit Guide" class because it sounded really interesting and I truly wanted to connect to my spirit guide. I was not really "expecting" to connect to my spirit guide because I had been blocked from connecting due to experiences I had when I was younger. During the class I started feeling much lighter and near the end of the class Dena did a guided meditation which is when I met him. Now this took me to a place I'd never seen, a place I'd never been, but I found myself with someone who seem strangely familiar. As I found myself communicating with this “somebody” while I laid in their lap, I was confused about my feelings towards him. I almost wanted to reject my new connection with my spirit guide. Why, you ask? Because he was not what I expected. Honestly, I don't know what I expected but he wasn't how I thought he would be. Now it did not take much time to warm up to him, after all he is my guide. It has been several weeks since the class and I fully accept him. I feel like he is the perfect guide and we have communicated since then almost daily. You might ask, could I have done this on my own? Possibly, but this class helped me to let go of the logic, taught me the information I need to know to be able to connect, and what that looks like. This has opened the door for me.... I am so excited and feel so connected!!!!! I want to do it again so I can connect with more of them... :-) Thank you Dena Gould!!! "

~Val, Aurora, CO 

"Dena's Infinite Possibilities class brought with it great ideas for change, but even more importance, tools and practical applications for immediate implementation for change! I really liked the vision board activity as well as sharing thoughts and ideas with classmates, great camaraderie building. Thanks for the experience and motivation."

~Josh, Denver, CO 

"It was sublime for me. I had no idea what to expect, therefore, no expectations. I am humbled and overjoyed with the experience I had meeting my Guardian Angel today. He was brilliant and I have never felt anything like the love he enveloped me with today. It came so naturally, almost without question, connecting with him. It was as if he said " finally sweet, soul...we can talk now and you will know I have always been with you". I feel like I have a new best friend, does that sound crazy? I just can not believe how much love he had for me. Today was just incredible. Thank you for your precious gifts and bringing such an amazing opportunity to mine and so many others spiritual journey."

~Jolene, Thornton, CO 

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