Connect With Your Spirit Guides

"They are patiently waiting"

When: Saturday, March 3, 2018
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Investment: $49.00
Where: Light of Mine Office Building (map it)

You are never alone. Your spirit guides are always with you and supporting you in the best ways possible. This is an introductory class where you will learn how to truly connect and communicate with your guides.   Learn how to receive the help, love and support that your guides want you to experience. Life is supposed to be magical and fun; not hard. EVERYONE can connect and the majority of the participants connect during the class.  You do not have to be "psychic". You just have to be willing. Are you willing?

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Erin's story:

While playing with oracle cards in a "Connect With Your Spirit Guides" class, Erin received PERFECT confirmation. 

"A very close friend of mine passed away a few years ago and after she passed I got a tattoo of two puzzle pieces with our initials in her honor. We were puzzle nerds together. When I drew that card I was thinking about Kelly and setting the intention that she would give me a message. And this is what I flipped over!"

~ Erin

"It was sublime for me. I had no idea what to expect, therefore, no expectations. I am humbled and overjoyed with the experience I had meeting my Guardian Angel today. He was brilliant and I have never felt anything like the love he enveloped me with today. It came so naturally, almost without question, connecting with him. It was as if he said 'finally sweet, soul...we can talk now and you will know I have always been with you'. I feel like I have a new best friend, does that sound crazy? I just can not believe how much love he had for me. Today was just incredible. Thank you for your precious gifts and bringing such an amazing opportunity to mine and so many others spiritual journey."


"I went to Dena's 'Connecting to your Spirit Guide' class because it sounded really interesting and I truly wanted to connect to my spirit guide. I was not really 'expecting' to connect to my spirit guide because I had been blocked from connecting due to experiences I had when I was younger. During the class I started feeling much lighter and near the end of the class Dena did a guided meditation which is when I met him. Now this took me to a place I'd never seen, a place I'd never been, but I found myself with someone who seem strangely familiar. As I found myself communicating with this 'somebody' while I laid in their lap, I was confused about my feelings towards him. I almost wanted to reject my new connection with my spirit guide. Why, you ask? Because he was not what I expected. Honestly, I don't know what I expected but he wasn't how I thought he would be. Now it did not take much time to warm up to him, after all he is my guide. It has been several weeks since the class and I fully accept him. I feel like he is the perfect guide and we have communicated since then almost daily. You might ask, could I have done this on my own? Possibly, but this class helped me to let go of the logic, taught me the information I need to know to be able to connect, and what that looks like. This has opened the door for me.... I am so excited and feel so connected!!!!! I want to do it again so I can connect with more of them... :-) Thank you Dena Gould!!!   

~ Val, Aurora, CO

The Art of Loving You

"Releasing the Past"

When: To Be Determined
Investment: $79.00
Where: Light of Mine Office Building (map it)

The Art of Loving You is a course dedicated to rekindling our most important relationship—the one we have with ourselves. Through a mix of music and sound therapy, meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or “tapping”, energy worker Dena Gould will lead you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. In a supportive and safe environment, you’ll learn to recognize and overcome the patterns that allow other people and things to determine your happiness.

Have you ever thought, I’ll love myself more when I become (fill in the blank)? Thinner? Smarter? More successful? When we have these thoughts, what we fail to realize is that achieving our desires requires loving ourselves first. Not the other way around. When self-esteem rises, your life follows.

If you don't see your own value, you'll continue to choose people who don't see it either.  Practicing self-love is about being honest about your current choices and thought patterns and then undertaking new behaviors that reflect your self-worth. The Art of Loving You is dedicated to helping you recognize that you—just as you are—are worth the time, effort and dedication necessary to succeed.  

Self-awareness is the first step to unlocking this power. For this reason, a prerequisite for the course is to have experienced a one-on-one session with Dena Gould. Only by first understanding your unique reaction to shifting your energy can you begin to recognize how to harness it to transform your outlook on life.

You’ll walk away with everyday tools and techniques for overcoming your fears and letting go of who you think you’re supposed to be and begin to embrace who you are. Self-love isn’t about vanity; it’s about deepening not only how we view ourselves, but also how we experience the world.

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Infinite Possibilities

The art of living your dreams

Four (4) sessions held on Tuesdays
When:Tuesdays, November 6, 13, 20, & 27, 2018
Time:6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Investment: $125.00
Where: Light of Mine Office Building (map it)

NO MORE EXCUSES! This is an intimate workshop designed to help you discover the truth about your powerful creator...YOU! As the workshop concludes you will be empowered to start creating life ON PURPOSE!

Stop all your worrying and bust through your limiting beliefs. It's your time to align your self with the life you really want to live! This workshop is great for anyone feeling stuck or seeking to make significant changes in your:
- Relationships,
- Career,
- Money,
- Health and
- overall well-being

You will learn empowering tools to use the rest of your life!  You’ll practice positive visualizations, participate in hands-on exercises, enjoy lively discussions, meet new people to take this empowering journey with you. This is a fun, informative and life changing workshop!

Based on the book “Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living your Dreams” by Mike Dooley (author of “Notes from the Universe” and featured in “The Secret” movie).  

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"Dena's Infinite Possibilities class brought with it great ideas for change, but even more importance, tools and practical applications for immediate implementation for change! I really liked the vision board activity as well as sharing thoughts and ideas with classmates, great camaraderie building. Thanks for the experience and motivation."

~ Josh, Denver, CO

Empowering the Goddess Within

Living an authentic, empowered life everyday with Dena Gould & Kim Moore
When:To Be Determined
Investment: $99.00
Where: The Cloisters building - 2103 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood, CO 80227 (map it)

"Empowering the Goddess Within" is a fun, inspiring, full-day class designed to empower women to be their most authentic selves in everyday life.  The stress of relationships, family, finances, work and expectations can cause us to lose our passions and dim our inner light.  Come spend the day healing from the inside out and learning techniques and strategies to live the life you want and feel great doing it!  

In this workshop you will: 
* Develop techniques to trust your intuition and connect with your spirit
* Identify limiting thoughts & beliefs and learn strategies to change them
* Clarify intentions and manifest the life you want and deserve
* Acquire tools to manage stress as well as EFT (tapping) techniques
* Awaken and connect with the energy centers within your body.

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