​Many of us will take the time to care for our appearance. We might go to a gym, get a haircut, buy clothes, creams, cosmetics or get treatments designed to help us look better on the outside. But how many of us take the time to care for what’s on the inside. That’s where Dena can help.  

While some people turn to looking better as a way to try to feel better, Dena offers a slightly different perspective: The best way to feel better is clear the underlying belief or B.S. stories that there is something wrong with you.

Let’s find a path to your best self. Learn lifelong tools such as visualization, meditation and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help you better manage stress, decrease fear or anxiety and improve your well-being. 

Imagine embracing your life instead of spending all your time avoiding your fears. Let's work together to eliminate the "what ifs" and step into the "I ams." 

Light of Mine wants to help you take care of what's on the inside.
The body keeps score & it always wins.
-Brené Brown

I would LOVE to help you change the score!
-Dena Gould

Private sessions can include:

• Clearing and balancing your energy centers (i.e. your chakras)

• Intuitive/medium readings

• EFT (or energetic “tapping”)

• Guided meditation and visualization

Why we do it. Our ultimate goal is to help you embrace your inner light and move forward in love and faith. We believe that you cannot fully understand the deeper meaning of your life’s story and lessons without first exploring and identifying the parts that you want to take forward. We all have our unique journeys, but imagine how much more ground you’d cover—and how much more enjoyable it would be—if you could leave behind some of the “baggage” that’s weighing you down! Through intuitive guidance and energetic cleansing techniques, we can help you release those thoughts, stories, emotions and connections that are no longer serving you. We can help you set goals and gain a new perspective on the people and things in your life so that you can actively participate in and celebrate living. 


In person/Skype/Google Hangouts or phone sessions are available.
You may prepay now, or pay by check, cash or credit card after your session. A credit card number is required during the scheduling process to hold your appointment. However, the card will only be charged if you fail to comply with the cancellation policy or if you chose to use it for payment.

To prepay, please select the "Add to Cart" button of your preferred session(s). Then click the "Schedule Now" button.

To schedule now and pay later, please click here or select the "Schedule Now" button located below.
1/2 Hour $70.00
1 Hour $105.00
90 Minute $150.00
(3) Three - 1 hour sessions 
($25 discount)
(6) Six - 1 hour sessions 
($50 discount)
(3) Entity Releasement
2 hour session 
*Expires 1 year from purchase date - may be used as gifts.

**Please contact me directly to further discuss your symptoms. I will not offer the "symptoms" on my website because I do not like to come from a place of fear. 

Because I reserve time especially for you, I ask for at least 8 hours advance notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment. Last minute cancellations will result in a $25 inconvenience fee. NO CALL/NO SHOWS OR LESS THAN 3 HOUR NOTICE, WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL PAYMENT OF THE SESSION.  
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